Monday, 19 July 2010

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BlogUpp! | the blog: Auto-Share on Social Web

Friday, 16 July 2010

The Absolute Truth!!

Proof when required comes in all shapes and sizes and you may well be amazed that an instrument such as the Amega Wand has the power and ability to do what it does. It certainly took me by surprise and having had the chance to put it to work in my own context of employment it has come up as a real success in lowering the pain I experienced after every shift of work I had been doing in the last 6-9 months which would progressively get worse unless I took steps to deal with it either through continuous use of pain killers, rest and physiotherapy which in medical terms isn't a great scenario. So the introduction of the Amega Wand into my life has been a godsend and a solution of massive proportion given that by talking to people I know and people I don't know it will allow me to generate an income in time when I talk to those looking for the same answer.

If you currently experience any kind of pain on a continuous basis associated with movement and the result of an injury in the past the Amega Wand will at least be an option to try and remedy the problem and also offer you the means to solving other aspects of your life which may or may not be apparent.

The company Amega Global has been manufacturing the wand and operating in Singapore for almost 5 years and thus has not just appeared from anyhere with an untried and un-tested piece of equipment that has not been fully checked out for it's benefits. As with all things shown to have value there are those waiting to come along with "replica", "imitation", "copy" versions at a lower cost with "all" the same benefits or qualities and as you know the $100 Rolex is just as good as the real thing??? Don't try to kid yourself - there is only one genuine Amega Wand and it is only available through the companies approved distribution network of which I am a bona fide member.

Should you have any experience and further testimonial that you can add then please do so below and welcome to the world of Amized Fusion Technology.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Personal Testimonial

The importance of affirming the value of any product is the worth in terms of how it benefits you first and foremost. When a product takes the route to market through a networking opportunity it must also be seen to have proven quality for it to succeed. Products which do not stack up and fail will undeniably find their way to the dustbin and the inevitable failure they deserve.

Having said that curiosity and interest in new "un-tried" technology will also bring it's share of scepticism, just by the very nature of the human's innate wariness of trying something for the first time. So having had the chance to take the bull by the horns and use the product in the context of my own situation I can confirm that having used the Amega Wand on my shoulder that it has relieved me of the pain which I experienced due to the type of work I do that puts repeated pressure on it from lifting. I visited the doctor to seek an answer to my problem and the use of physiotherapeutic exercise was the solution offered and while I can admit that I tried some of those I didn't find they relieved me of the pain or the sense of weakness when lifting objects with my right arm. The option of rest or time off from work is a consideration I wasn't able to contemplate due to the potential loss of earnings and thus finding a means to both relieving the pain and enabling me to work as "normal" was a bonus of fantastic proportion.

This is one example of how this self-healing technology has performed when asked and has not involved taking any dodgy pill or potion and it's completely safe without question. It does not act in an invasive manner but does what it says it will.

The opportunity to work with this company which operates in the main marketing centres of the world is still at an early stage so the chance to make a significant change to your future is with you as you read.

Visit my Introductory website and then contact me via Skype (kenneth.j.mcpherson)